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About Climate Restoration

Founded in November 2020, Climate Restoration is more than just a business venture; it’s the culmination of a family legacy deeply rooted in the trades. Alex Clements, the driving force behind the company, always felt that establishing an HVAC service was a natural progression, given his family’s history. While the story of its inception is intertwined with personal passion and dedication, it’s also about continuing a tradition of craftsmanship and service that resonates with many.

With a decade of hands-on experience, Alex has mastered various facets of the A/C and heating sector. His expertise spans from residential settings to the complexities of industrial chillers. However, his true calling lies in home services. Under his leadership, Climate Restoration now specializes in the installation and service of residential HVAC equipment, ensuring that homes remain comfortable and efficient throughout the changing seasons.

Beyond his professional achievements, Alex’s personal journey is deeply connected to Slidell, Louisiana. Born and raised in this close-knit community, he hails from a proud blue-collar background. This foundation has not only shaped his impeccable work ethic but also instilled in him a profound commitment to serve his neighbors with unwavering integrity and expertise. At Climate Restoration, it’s not just about business; it’s about family, community, and making every home the perfect sanctuary.

Our Mission

At Climate Restoration, we are committed to setting the gold standard in HVAC services, merging our rich family legacy with cutting-edge expertise to transform every home in Slidell into a pinnacle of comfort and efficiency.

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